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We believe that prayer is going to make this great event, AWESOME!

The Psalmist wrote that God faithfully answers our prayers with awesome deeds (Psalm 65:5a NLT). Somehow, our prayers actually allow God to do the awesome things He wants to do, but doesn’t do, because we haven’t prayed.
Our awesome God wants to do awesome things, and prayer is connected to Him doing it!

This year we are saturating The Mix in prayer.

We are inviting churches that are bringing students to The Mix to sign up for a ONE HOUR slot, pray for your students, the students at The Mix, and the students in our city during that time slot.

Parents are encouraged to come during that slot and pray specifically for their own children.

Imagine with me; every single student at The Mix getting prayed for several times during these hours!
God is going to do awesome things among us!!!

To sign up your church for a one-hour slot for The Mix Prayer Watch, or for more info, please follow the link below:

The Mix Prayer Watch Sign-Ups

You are most welcome to join us for one hour or any amount you are able, whether your church is leading that slot or not.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve at